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Our attention to detail and service standards are extremely high.  These facts coupled with our artful blend of imagination, sophistication and exquisite culinary delicacies are sure to make your event a memorable one!

Hors D’oeuvres

Artichoke Antipasto Skewers
Sun dried tomato, kalamata olives, mozzarella cheese and artichoke
hearts marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and other
On a five inch bamboo skewer.
$75 serves 50

Crudités Platter
Fresh Broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, celery, grape tomatoes,
garnished with bell peppers. Accompanied with our Chef’s
delectable dips.
$45 serves 35

Pickle & Olive Platter
A fine assortment of fresh olives and a variety of pickles & peppers.
$35 serves 35

Fruit Platter
Seasonal fruits; cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, grapes,
pineapples, kiwi and strawberries. Carvings available.
$54 serves 35

Cheese Platter
Bite size cubes of cheddar, Monterey & pepper jack.
Brie & Gorgonzola 
Garnished with red & green grapes.
$68 serves 50 

Meat & Cheese Platter
Assorted deli meats, olives, pepperoncinis, grape tomatoes
and an assortment of sliced cheeses.
$78 serves 60

Assorted Pinwheels
Fresh cracker bread, rolled with an assortment of meats & cheeses. And a delicious cheese spread.
Medium $58 ~ Large $72

Shrimp Cocktail
‘Ready-To-Eat’ Shrimp cocktail, served with cocktail sauce for dipping.
Medium (100 shrimp) $75 ~ Large (175 Shrimp) $125

Chicken Salad Sandwich
A curried Chicken Salad with cinnamon, curry, toasted almonds and dried cranberries. Served on a fresh Croissant.
Platter of 50 halves $98

Smoked Turkey Salad Sandwich
Smoked turkey mixed with fresh sage, goat cheese, mayonnaise, walnuts and apple-wood smoked bacon. Served on a fresh baked croissant.
Platter of 40 halves $98

Assorted Mini Quiche
A classic quiche collection…Country French (Lorraine), Garden Vegetable, Mushrooms & Onion and Broccoli & Cheese.  A bite of perfection!!
$62 serves 50 

Chicken, Monterey jack & Cheddar cheese, peppers and a tomato salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla and cut into wedges.
serves 50

Waikiki Meatballs
Miniature meatballs slow cooked in our chef-created Waikiki marinade; Brown sugar, ginger, pineapple and roasted green & red peppers.  The perfect fusion of ingredients to create a tropical taste sensation.
Pan of 75 ~ $68

Wing Ding Platter
Boneless chunks of tender breast meat, battered and deep fried.Mixed in your choice(s) of sauce.
Medium $68 ~ Large $95 

Chicken Wing Platter
Crispy, golden fried chicken wings. Served in assorted flavors.
Medium $68 ~ Large $98

Marilyn Crab Cakes
A platter of mini Marilyn crab cakes made to perfection.
Platter of 50 ~ $85

Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Fresh bay scallops, seasoned & sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and delicately wrapped in apple-wood smoked bacon.
Platter of 75 ~ $150

Chicken & Pineapple Brochettes
A Polynesian taste sensation! Boneless chicken breast, juicy pineapple, bell peppers and a delectable sweet and sour sauce, all skewered on a bamboo skewer.
Platter of 50 ~ $85

Miniature Beef Wellington
Our sophisticated rendition of an all time classic. Elegant beef tenderloin medallions embellished with a flavorful shiitake, shallots, thyme, garlic and a hint of sherry, wrapped in a delicious French-style pastry.
Platter of 75 ~$175

Brie & Raspberry Phyllo
A delicious soft brie wheel, topped with brown sugar and wrappedin a light & flaky phyllo pastry. Baked to perfection and served over raspberry sauce and garnished with fresh raspberries. 
Platter of 50 ~ $100

Other Elite Favorites

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon - $85 / 50 pieces
Tomato Basil Bruschetta - $60 / 50 pieces
Parmesan Shrimp Bruschetta $85 / 50 pieces
Pork Pot Stickers - $82 / 50 pieces
Florentine Stuffed mushrooms - $65 / 50 pieces
Smoked Salmon Platter - $95 serves 50
Franks wrapped in puff pastry - $68 / 75 pieces
Dill Cheese Puffs - $65 / 50 pieces
Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu $85 / 50 pieces
Swedish Meatballs  $68 / 75 pieces
Crab & Shrimp Salad (individually served in a cup) $3.25 ea
Clams/Oysters on the half shell – MARKET PRICE

For more information check out our catering website

And of course, our chefs can create a large variety of seasonal cakes and pies for any occasion. This is just a small collection of the
Hors D’oeuvres we have available. We have a highly trained staff of Chefs
willing to meet any of your culinary desires.

All price are subject to an 18% service charge and applicable state and local taxes